WASHINGTON (October 2019) — Industrial Irrigation Services (IIS), an industrial engine distributor located in Hastings, Nebraska, launches its new EPA-certified Reliable Horsepower engine line, featuring new efficiencies, reduced maintenance time, and a complete electronic fuel control system for simplified monitoring.

The Reliable Horsepower line was made possible through a partnership between IIS, the Propane Education & Research Council, and Woodward Inc., an independent design, manufacturer, and service provider of energy and optimization solutions for agricultural and industrial markets.

The new line features five different EPA-certified engines, including 5.7-liter, 6.2-liter, 8-liter, 9.1-liter, and 10.3-liter sizes, and includes propane-dedicated engines, engines that run on either propane or natural gas, and bi-fuel engines.

“We decided to develop and launch a completely new set of engines because we weren’t satisfied with the existing fuel systems on the market and saw many gaps and areas for improvement,” said Jay Canada, IIS Vice President of Sales and Engineering. “Our Reliable Horsepower engine line is changing the game on propane and spark-ignited engine packages for agricultural and other applications. The days of fussing over failed fuel system parts and hard-starting engines are over, and we can customize an engine package to directly fit consumer needs.”

The Reliable Horsepower engine line will eliminate several of the high failure-rate service parts associated with previous systems, increase user friendliness, and reduce maintenance time and costs. Pairing that with significantly better fuel economy and the ability to remotely monitor and control these systems allows Reliable Horsepower engines to offer optimal quality and convenience for irrigation, power generation, and other industrial powerunit needs.

For more information about Reliable Horsepower engines and to get in contact with a local dealer, visit www.ReliableHP.com and fill out the “Contact Us” form. To learn more about Woodward, Inc., visit www.Woodward.com/Home.

For more information about the Propane Education & Research Council and engines available for agricultural and industrial use, visit www.Propane.com/Agriculture.


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