2022 Spring District Meetings

The Iowa Propane Gas Association’s Safety Committee has requested numerous topics of interest, as refresher information, for the drivers and service techs to consider when they are performing their daily job tasks. We will review the state of Iowa requirements for liquid petroleum gas measurement (Iowa Department of Weights & Measures) and training (Iowa Department of Public Safety). We will also review pressure and leak check procedures required in Iowa, ASME tank evacuation (pump-out) procedure considerations, tank installation considerations, piping selection considerations, and purging considerations for placing appliances back into operation. Iowa’s propane code requirements [661-226 Liquefied Petroleum Gas] follow standards provided within NFPA 58 (Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code) and NFPA 54 (National Fuel Gas Code), so these publications will be referenced.

Tom Dunn, Director of Safety Education & Compliance will also give an update of any industry changes, District Directors will provide area updates, and Deb Grooms, Chief Executive Officer will give an update of the Propane Education and Research Council projects.

Available Dates & Locations:

  • March 14 Dist. #2 BEST WESTERN, 2023 7TH Ave N, Clear Lake
  • March 15 Dist. #1 NORTHWEST IOWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE – 630 West Park St., Sheldon – Room 117/Building A
  • March 16 Dist. #4 CARROLLTON INN – 1730 N. US Hwy 71 N, Carroll
  • March 17 Dist. #7 RED COACH INN – 1200 Senate Ave, Red Oak
  • March 28 Dist. #5&8 IPGA – 1400 Metro East Dr., Pleasant Hill
  • March 29 Dist. #3 UPPER IOWA UNIVERSITY – 605 Washington St, Fayette – LA100 – Ballroom
  • March 30 Dist. #6 DEALERS LP EQUIPMENT – 8645 Northwest Blvd, Davenport
  • March 31 Dist. #9 DOUG DICK’S Residence (IPGA Board President) – 14918 Gray Avenue, Douds

Meetings are 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Attend the district meeting most convenient for your schedule. We do not send out reminders.
No charge for meeting, IowaPERC funds cover registration fees.

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