2023 Fall District Meetings

Agricultural, commercial and industrial propane applications using high demand LP Gas equipment will often incorporate propane vaporizers to satisfy appliance BTU requirements. Vaporizers are used to supply the required amount of propane gas when the tank cannot keep up with the downstream appliance demand on its own and placing a much larger tank, with higher vaporization capacity would not be practical. LP Gas vaporizers work with liquid propane being piped to the vaporizing equipment (Algas/SDI, Ransome, etc.) for gas vaporization. Todd Meyer, with GEC will provide vaporizer training that will cover sizing, selection, installation and trouble-shooting for direct-fired vaporizers.

Tom Dunn, Director of Safety Education & Compliance will discuss a dilemma a driver may face, and give an update of any industry changes, District Directors will provide area updates, and and Michelle Wicker, Chief Executive Officer will give an update of the Propane Education and Research Council projects.

Available Dates & Locations:

  • September 18 Dist. #2 BEST WESTERN, 2023 7TH Ave N, Clear Lake
  • September 19 Dist. #1 NORTHWEST IOWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE – 630 West Park St., Sheldon – Room 119/Building A
  • September 20 Dist. #4 STONEY CREEK INN – 300 3rd St, Sioux City
  • September 21 Dist. #7 RED COACH INN – 1200 Senate Ave, Red Oak
  • September 25 Dist. #5&8 IPGA – 1400 Metro East Dr., Pleasant Hill
  • September 26 Dist. #3 UPPER IOWA UNIVERSITY – 605 Washington St, Fayette, LA100 – Ballroom
  • September 27 Dist. #6 DEALERS LP – 8645 Northwest Blvd, Davenport
  • September 28 Dist. #9 FAIRFIELD ARTS & CONVENTION CENTER – 200 North Main St, Fairfield

Meetings are 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Attend the district meeting most convenient for your schedule. We do not send out reminders.
No charge for meeting, IowaPERC funds cover registration fees.

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