NFPA 58 (Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code) provides valuable information for residential, recreational, and  commercial users of propane. The IPGA provides current copies of NFPA 58, NFPA 54 (National Fuel Gas Code), and Iowa Administrative Code 661-226 as part of the materials for attendees at CETP Basic Principles and Practices classes. Through regular revisions and amendments,
the development process considers the then current and available information on incidents, materials, technologies, innovations, and methods as these develop over time and these “Standards” reflect this consideration. Therefore, any previous edition of these documents no longer represents the current “Standard” on the subject matter addressed. NFPA encourages the use of the most current edition of any NFPA Standard [as it may be amended to take advantage of current experience and understanding]. This session discusses the use of NFPA 58 and IAC 661-226, as a reference for you in the promotion of propane safety.

Tom Dunn, Director of Safety Education & Compliance will also give an update of any industry changes, and Deb Grooms, Chief Executive Officer will give an update of the Propane Education and Research Council projects.

We do not send out reminders.
No charge for meeting, IowaPERC funds cover registration fees.
Meetings are 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Class Dates & Locations
  • September 20 Dist. #2 BEST WESTERN, 2023 7TH Ave N, Clear Lake
  • September 21 Dist. #1 NORTHWEST IOWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE – 630 West Park St., Sheldon – Room 304/Building C
  • September 22 Dist. #4 CARROLLTON INN – 1730 N. US Hwy 71 N, Carroll
  • September 23 Dist. #7 RED COACH INN – 1200 Senate Ave, Red Oak
  • September 27 Dist. #5&8 IPGA – 1400 Metro East Dr., Pleasant Hill
  • September 28 Dist. #3 UPPER IOWA UNIVERSITY – 605 Washington St, Fayette – Liberal Arts Auditorium
  • September 29 Dist. #6 MARRIOTT – 1200 Collins Rd NE, Cedar Rapids
  • September 30 Dist. #9 DOUG DICK’S Residence (IPGA Board President), 14918 Gray Avenue, Douds

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For more information, please contact Michelle Wicker