Propane piping systems are covered by certain codes which include specific requirements relative to acceptable materials, allowable pressures, the location of components, pressure testing procedures for new piping, and recommended methods for leakage testing every time an interruption of service occurs.

Course Content: Individuals attending this session will be expected to identify in current applicable codes the following: 

  • Propane industry standards, codes and regulations within the State of Iowa,
  • Acceptable materials for use in propane gas piping systems,
  • Acceptable pressures (by code and by manufacturer’s guidelines) for –
    • Single Stage Regulator Systems
    • Two-Stage Regulator Systems
    • Integral Two-Stage Regulator Systems
    • Elevated (Three-Stage) Pressure Regulator Systems,
  • Installation, adjustment and maintenance requirements of pressure regulators including positioning or protection, distances to exposures, testing and replacement,
  • Requirements for testing of new piping prior to acceptance and initial operation,
  • Requirements for leakage testing on piping systems and connected equipment immediately after service is initiated or immediately after a service interruption, and,
  • Customer education and documentation of all work performed.

Who should attend: Plumbers, heating & cooling contractors, architects, management, or any individual expected to design propane-piping systems, perform work on propane piping systems, or initiate or restore gas service in gas piping systems & connected equipment for new & existing customer's.

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May 16 - Dealers LP, Davenport

August 1 - Stoney Creek Hotel, Sioux City

August 29 - IPGA, Pleasant Hill

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